DAAD in Uganda

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In Uganda, the DAAD offers scholarship programmes that are primarily aimed at supporting the training of future university lecturers and of academically trained specialists and managers.


For managers at institutions of higher education, DAAD offers training courses through the DIES Programme.

Within the In-Country/ In-Region scholarship programme, DAAD supports Master and PhD students at selected Universities.


DAAD Nairobi

After almost one and a half years of vacancy, the DAAD Lectorate/Lectorship Uganda is finally occupied again. Since mid-September 2021, there has been a successor for Steven Heimlich: Ms. Rebekka Junker has arrived in Kampala with her family and has taken over the lectorate duties in the German Department at the University of Makerere.

Rebekka Junker holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Freiburg and a Master’s degree in “German as a Foreign Language in the German-African Context” from the University of Leipzig and University of Stellenbosch. She taught “German as a Foreign Language” at the Goethe Institute Yaounde for six months and then worked as a DAAD language assistant in Winneba for one and a half years. After four and a half years in Freiburg, she is now moving back to the African continent with her family.

As a DAAD Lecturer, she provides information on studying and researching in Germany in Uganda and carries out other related activities in cooperation with the DAAD Regional Office in Nairobi and the Network German in Uganda.

Contact Address:

Makerere University
Department of European and Oriental Studies


DAAD Alumni in Uganda

There are about 1,400 DAAD Alumni in Uganda who were funded either in Germany or the Africa region and who today successfully serve in the academic, business and political spheres. Many of them are ideal contacts for anyone interested in pursuing higher education studies or research in Germany. The Alumni have joined together to form the “Association of Ugandan-German Alumni” (AUGA).

Get in touch

The Association of Ugandan-German Alumni (AUGA)
Gerald Ahabwe (chairman),
PhD fellow,
Department of Sociology, Makerere University
P. O. Box 7062
Kampala, Uganda
Email: /
Tel. +256-753341000/ +256-776 341000

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