By establishing centers of excellence, the DAAD supports African universities in improving their educational quality and expanding their research capacities to enable the education of future decision-makers in Africa according to international standards. The DAAD’s Centres of African Excellence program aims to create internationally competitive centers on a sustainable basis, thereby contributing in a publicly visible way to improving the functioning of socially relevant sectors in African countries.

African Excellence aims to make a significant contribution to the quality and relevance of selected disciplines at African universities. In the centers of excellence, students will have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent, state-of-the-art education that meets international standards. A sustainable research environment will be fostered, providing favorable conditions for international partnerships.There are three DAAD Centers of Excellence in East Africa: the Kenyan-German Center of Excellence for Mining, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management (CERMESA), the Tanzanian-German Center of Excellence for Law (TGCL), and the East and South African-German Center of Excellence for Educational Research, Methodology and Management (CEMEREM). We had the opportunity to interview the project leaders of these centers and learn more about their work: