“Study in Europe” Virtual Education Fair 2021 in Rwanda: Germany as the No. 1 study destination among European countries

Virtual Fair © DAAD

On Monday, September 20, 2021 the virtual “Study in Europe” fair 2021 took place in Rwanda with the participation of the DAAD Nairobi, organized by the EU delegation. Eight European member states took part: Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Sweden.

Out of a total of 593 students who took part, 219 were interested in studying in Germany, followed by Sweden (191), the Netherlands (178), Belgium (131), France (131), Spain (79), Hungary (73) and Portugal ( 57). Most of the students (220) were interested in a master’s degree in a European country, 198 for a Bachelor’s degree and 45 for a PhD.

Germany is very popular as a study and research country in Europe because of its excellent academic quality, a wide range of courses and the close connection between theory and practice. In addition, state universities do not charge tuition fees for Bachelors and many Masters’ courses.

In a survey, the main obstacles to studying in Europe were named by the participants (a total of 341 students named financing as the main obstacle), the visa requirement (66), insufficient information (41), difficult procedures (36) and competition ( 5). In order to counteract the financing challenge, the DAAD offers a wide range of scholarship programs aimed at German and foreign students, graduates and researchers. The DAAD scholarship database for East Africa currently lists 103 scholarship programs.

DAAD scholarships are awarded to the best and most qualified young scientists. There is no age limit, applicants should generally not have completed their studies more than six years before the application deadline. The DAAD selection process is transparent, carried out by independent scientific bodies and based on clear criteria. The DAAD scholarship holders are guaranteed good support, they have social and health security and DAAD scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Another advantage of the DAAD scholarship is that alumni have a lifelong bond with the DAAD family and stay in contact with the DAAD through many activities and sponsorships.

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